our team
Andrzej Bruzda

He’s been working in the catering industry since 1990. He gained experience at the Grand Hotel and at the Miód Malina restaurant. In the kitchen he is a traditionalist and he specializes in the Polish cuisine. Outside of work, he’s an enthusiast of long-distance traveling, and he’s already visited Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka. In the near future he plans to travel to New Zealand. In his travels he especially values the culinary aspect and although he mostly cooks Polish cuisine, he is eager to taste exotic dishes. He believes that a good chef simply has to like his work, because then it is a pleasure to share your skills with your co-workers.

Shift Chef
Łukasz Stanuch

A graduate of the Gastronomic Technical School in Nowy Sacz. He gained experience in the cook’s profession, among others, during internships in Italy. He worked at Fab Fusion Metropolitan Boutique Hotel and our sister restaurant La Campana. In Wesele Restaurant he holds the position of Chief of Change. For his greatest professional success, he considers winning the second place in the prestigious Noble Night Wine & Food competition in 2016. In his spare time he is interested in the history of World War II. He is also in winter sports and is an active member of the Volunteer Fire Brigade.

Head Manager
Krzysztof Lach

He began his adventure with the catering industry in 2004, and since then he has gone through nearly all of the steps in the career ladder. He worked as a bartender, a bar manager and a shift manager. He honed his skills in the United Kingdom, where he worked for several years in Edinburgh. He’s been working in the group of restaurants since 2010, starting at the La Campana. From 2014 he’s been the main manager of the Wesele restaurant, and from 2016 he’s also been the training and development manager. In his work he values interpersonal contact and the opportunity to develop. He believes that the most important thing in the role of a manager is the ability to set out motivating and adequate goals. In this way a manager triggers initiative, energy and the potential of the employees for responsibility and self-reliance. Privately he’s a dedicated football fan. In the near future he plans to see a Real Madrid match live.

Tomasz Kozieł

A certified food technologist and a professional waiter. He’s been working in the catering industry since 2007. Before he began working in the Wesele restaurant as a manager, he worked for 9 years in the Sphinx restaurant chain, initially as a waiter, and after several years he was promoted to a management position. He loves working in the restaurant industry because of the contact with people, the relaxed atmosphere and the ability to constantly learn and develop. Because of his inexhaustible patience and the ability to listen, all the restaurant guests always come back. He’s an avid car lover – his dream is to buy a Toyota Supra.